Thursday, 12 December 2013

Introduction to lifestyle magazines 
The contents in the magazine are talking about typical gossip, Health, sex, Fashion and life. For example one of the stories on the cover is about what you will be wearing next summer. The content on the magazine deals with peoples health for example It speaks about immaculate complexion. It also talks about life for example it talks about a women and her daughter growing up together. It talks about fashion also for example there is a story about what you will be wearing next summer. This could tell us that the magazine is directed at middle aged women as they are interested in fashion and there is a picture of a women above the story possibly presenting the clothes.

     This magazine is for middle aged women and possibly women who are interested in celebrities lives and general gossip. Also the magazine could be aimed at people looking for advice on how they want to look for example in the magazine it talks about how to have the perfect complexion. The magazine also May interest some elderly people however they may only look a specific sections such as the celebrity gossip or maybe even health.

     The people who buy this magazine may benefit from entertaining themselves for example they could find a interest in reading about celebrity gossip and their lives. Furthermore some people may be looking for advice in how to loose weight or what fashion to wear. However some people may just want to look at life advice for example one of the stories in the magazine is talking about 10 ways to get happy

Sunday, 8 December 2013

On this album cover the artist Rihanna is standing naked and looking towards the camera in a seductive way. Furthermore she has tattoos along he chest with one that looks like angel wings possibly meaning she wants to be classed as an angel or is religious.

The Beginning-Black eyed peas
On this album cover there is pixelated versions of the artists. This may suggest that the album is very game like or almost electronic.
Furthermore as the album is called the beginning this may tell us that this is there first album that will set of their careers.

Born this way- Lady Gaga 
This album cover suggests that lady gaga is like a motor bike as her head is attached to the handle bars. However as the album is called born this way above the picture of her head on a bike this may suggest no matter what your born like you can still be a pop star.

Jessie J- Jessie J
On this album cover the artist Jessie J has her face against the camera maybe suggesting she is important and wanted to be seen. Furthermore her name is on the front of the cover in gold coloured writing suggesting she is rich and again important.

Britney Spears-Britney Spears
On this album cover the artist Britney Spears is seductively looking at the camera and also very close to it maybe suggesting her importance. Furthermore her name is written on the cover in neon writing and has a neon heart behind it suggesting she is loved by everyone.

Iron Maiden- The trooper
On this album cover their is a soldier in battle walking with his country's flag this could suggest this album is very loyal and respected. Furthermore the cover is very gory this could suggest the album is aggressive or maybe rock themed.

Professor Green- At your inconvenience
On this album cover the artist Professor Green is sitting on a chair amongst other chairs alone this may suggest he is lonely and he has no one. Also in the room there is a lot of empty glasses of alcohol this could suggest he maybe an alcoholic.

Tinie Tempah- Discovery
On this album cover the artist tinie tempeh is a giant and holding a city in his hand like god. This may suggest he is god like and has lots of respect and authority. Furthermore he is wearing lots of expensive jewellery suggesting he is rich and classy.

50 Cent- Before I self destruct
On this album cover the artist 50 Cent is sitting down and has lots of jewellery like a chain, watches and rings. This may suggest he is classy and has a lot of money. Furthermore he has a tattoo maybe suggesting he is classy and rich again.

Pink- Greatest hits
On this album cover the artist pink is in the background behind big bold writing suggesting maybe she is less important. Furthermore she is biting a chain meaning maybe she is strong a relentless.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Katy Perry's Firework (positive): 

I think Katy Perry's firework is posotive as she doesn't show much of her body in the video and is mainly wearing a dress. She also doesn't act seductive or sexual in the way that a stereo typical music video girl would normally e.g wearing seductive clothing.

Britney Spears' Toxic (Negative):

I think Britney Spears' video is negative because she is showing a lot of her body and acting very sexual to the men on the plane in the video. Furthermore she acts the same way as the stereotype of a music video girl,for example She is wearing very revealing clothes, she acts very seductive and sexual etc.

Katy Perry's California Gurls (Negative)

I think Katy Perry's California girls is negative because for the whole video there is nearly always a women in a bikini. Also Snoop Dogg is acting like a player of a game in control of the women's every move. This also may refer to the men being in control of the women and what they wear and how they act.




What you have here is solid and it has potential, you have picked your examples well. 

T: What you must do now is develop your points and fully explain them using multiple specific examples. Pick out all of the technical aspects (Mise-en-scene, editing, lyrics etc)

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Photoshop task 2

Slice tool
The slice tool allows you to divide an image into smaller sections which fit together like a jigsaw (but with straight edges). The slice tool is located in the top section of the Photoshop toolbar.There are two tools: Slice (which creates the slices) and Slice Select (which enables you to select and modify existing slices).

  • Select the slice tool in the toolbox.
  • Click and drag over the area you wish to make into a slice.
  • Release the mouse button - Photoshop automatically creates the necessary number of slices, with the active slice highlighted.
  • Using the slice select tool, you can move and resize slices by dragging inside a slice, or by dragging the handles.



This isn't really finished and you don't really explain how you perform a task here.

T: Please finish this task fully explaining how you use the tool using step by step images.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Representations of women in rap videos

In rap videos women are presented as nobodies and just sexual playthings or eye candy. Women are presented in a way that they aren't people you would get to know but people you would use for sex. Due to this use of eye candy the video captures a lot more male viewers as they are looking to see the women dancing in bikinis or even half dressed. Women are also presented as being sexually attractive for example in candy shop (by 50 cent) one of the women are seducing 50 cent and wearing hardly any clothes while he is wearing big coats/jackets while leaning on his expensive car with his mansion in the background. These rap videos give young men the impression that it is ok to treat women like they are in the videos and use them for sex.

These images are shown in numerous other types of media like magazines, films, advertisements and television. However music videos are the only type were women are presented in a way that there only used as sexual objects.

A sample of sixty-two videos from 1984 showed, that 60% included "some portrayal of sexual feelings or impulses". The most sex-appealing videos of that year included "Legs" by ZZ Top and "Physical" by Olivia Newton-John. In 1990, suggestive sexual activity like pelvic thrusts, long lip licking or stroking, was present in 89% of MTV videos.

The 1996 research showed, that the hip-hop and R&B were greatest in the sexual variables. In further analysis, videos that mixed hip-hop and R&B displayed sexual content the most frequently, followed by hip-hop itself and R&B itself. The diverse content may occur within the one video, like in Faith Hill's "The Way You Love Me", where she portrayed a waitress, a dominatrix and a nurse.

A survey found that 72.2% of black, 68.0% of white, and 69.2% of Hispanic youths agree with the suggestion that rap music videos contain 'too many' references to sex.




What you have here is very good and you have responded well to the question, even posing your own questions. You have used examples solidly. 

T: Try to use more examples and key terminology (see VCOP Blog). Pick out all of the technical aspects (Mise-en-scene, editing, lyrics etc) and how they help you come to your conclusions.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

power point evaluation:

www: My powerpoint went fairly well as we had a fairly large amount of information on each question.I also had a variation in each answer and a good layout for each slide.My powerpoint also was quite strongly presented to the class. I felt that the presentation had a lot of information and descriptive answers also it had a good use of language and detailed answers. 

EBI: My powerpoint didn't have any editing skills involved and could have looked a lot better. I could have also presented the powerpoint better by speaking louder when presenting it.The evaluation should also have been more accurate and executed a lot better. I think that my presentation wasn't presented to the class very well and i could have spent more time planning on how i would present. I also think that my presentation should include denotations and connotations.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

  50-cent Candy shop

disagree with the statement (you must be strong and tough, you must have a lot of women and money, you must always be in control, and you must always dominate women and other men) as hip hop and rap doesn't mean you have more rights than anyone else. The statement also suggests that all rappers have loads of money jewellery and women however numerous people do rapping for a hobby and not a career to show they aren't interested in the money and fame. The apparent denotations of the music are lots of money, expensive jewelry, lots of women. The connotation of this music video is that all rappers and artists should have loads of money and surrounded by women. 
     The atmosphere of the video is also very seductive towards 50-cent. This suggests that all the women want him and look up to him as a possibly powerful character. One comment also suggests that to be a real man you should be tuff have lots of women and lots of money. However i disagree with this statement as if you are male it never suggest you have to be rich and smothered in women also if you have lots of women the obvious impression is that you are very un trust worthy because you cant be in a one women relationship.
     The outfits in the video suggest that 50-cent is a thug and sometimes make his muscle and strength look better. Also he wears huge coats indoors making him look like a pimp and a chick magnet. Also the hand gestures suggest he is in command and all the other people are under his command and authority.

The summary of the video is that all the men in the world should be pimps or chick magnets rolling in tons of money.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

School of war is about a school of boys being trained for the army. The head teacher is very strict and demands respect throughout the school and from all students. The students have to be in school for 7 hours a day 5 days a week. The school is in london and isn't in a very posh area.

Firstly i logged into photoshop and i loaded in a camouflage background i then put a sniper scope over it and got rid of the background using the magic wand tool. I then went on a website called DA font and chose a destroyed looking text. i then added a graffiti border around it. I then got a silhouette of a city scape to make it look like an important area possibly. I also didn't choose very bright colour's as it isn't a very happy or joyful film.

I think for my first time on photoshop i thought my design was quite good. But i think i could have put in a lot more detail and possibly colour in my design. I also liked the design i put on the destroyed text as it represented a school design or teenagers.

In the future when i improve my photoshop skills i hope to add a lot more complicated images and probably a more complex background instead of an image. I think for my image i could have used a lot more complex tools. but overall i rate my image a 8/10.


Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Lasso tool
There are three types of Lasso tools (shortcut L) available to help you select part of an image. There's the Lasso tool and Polygonal Lasso tool which you can draw freehand with as well as create straight-edged selections. Then there's the Magnetic Lasso tool which is a handy tool to make selections with when you have a shape/object sat against a high contrast background.

To select an object with the Lasso tool just click your mouse near the object you want to select in your shot and drag the cursor around it until all of the object is selected, as you would when circling something with a pen on a piece of paper. When you return to your starting point your selection will turn into a line of 'running ants'. It's an easy tool to use as you simply drag your cursor around but it can be tricky trying to make a precise selection if you've not used it before. However, it does make it easy to select awkward shapes once you've had a bit of practice drawing free-hand. The various selection commands that were discussed above also mean you can go back and adjust your selection, adding and removing to/from it until you're Happy.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Iron Maiden

Denotations: on this album cover i can see a devil surrounded by fire and in the background it looks like a witch luring over it.

connotation: I think the thing behind the devil is a witch as you can see it is holding a spell. also i think its a devil surrounded by fire as its red and holding a trident 

Born in the USA

Denotations: on this album cover i can see a man with blue jeans on a white t-shirt and a hat in his back pocket.

connotation: i think the person on the album cover is male as he is wearing jeans a white t-shirt and he has what looks like a baseball cap in his pocket

Is This it

Denotations: On this album cover i can see someones backside with a black leather glove on it.

connotation: I think the person on this cover is female as she as small hips and is wearing a dress.

Queen II

Denotations: on this album cover i can see 4 men with fairly long hair and the man at the bottom is doing a rock pose.

Connotation:I think the people are in a boy band or possibly rock as they all look roughly the same with their hair styles and the bottom male is doing a rock pose.


Denotation: on this album cover i can see lines that i think represent a pulse maybe surrounded by a black background.

Connotation: I think they chose to call the album unknown pleasures because we should pleasure our life and on the cover life is represented by a pulse

Wish you were here

Denotation: on this album cover i can see two men shaking hands and one man is on fire and both wearing suits

Connotation: I think they chose this cover to represent a loved one lost possibly lost in a fire.

Who's Next

Denotation: on this album cover i can see 4 men standing on rocks leaning on a stone block.

Connotation: i think the men are looking for a another member for there band athey they are leeaning on the rock as a group and the rock represents all of them at oncemeaning who's next could be there next band member

Nite Visons 

Denotation: on this album cover i can see a pink background with text in a slightly different pink colour.

Connotation: Because of the colour pink the album could be aimed at a female audience or could be a female artist.

Parallel lines

Denotation: on this album cover i can see a black and white stripped background and a women surrounded by 5 men.

Connotation: Because the Women is surrounded by men and she is the odd person out, this could suggest she is the main singer.


Denotation: On this album cover i can see a male with a serious look on his face and a black background behind him.

Connotation: The expression on his face suggests the album could be very angry and possibly serious.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

I think the waterloo logo is like this as it represents the school being unorganized as the letters are jumbled up. also the letters are school table showing the show is in a school.


I think that the the producers chose this different range of cast members because they have a different range of personalities this attracts a wider range of audiences for example the comedic side of the cast may attract teenagers.

Waterloo road its broadcasted at 8pm on a thursday. i think its broadcasted at this time as it represents a school day and the audience may watch as if the events had happened that day.