Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Lifestyle front covers

Lifestyle front covers
The layout of this magazine gives the audience a very clear idea in what the magazine has inside. The cover has some large and bold text to show the audience its important for example it says Fun,Style and sex and underneath the titles it has small stories such as 'Do your own thing and look amazing' The magazine also has a lot of purple and yellow colours. The language on the cover of the magazine is very direct and commanding. The celebrity(Anne Hathaway)on the cover of the magazine may convince some women that they should look glamorous like her on the front and convince them the magazine will help them do so.

The Layout of this magazine is quite similar to The glamour magazine however the colours are very different as they are red and some yellow colours of text. These colours are not bright or glamorous maybe representing that it is a mens magazine. The celebrity on the front cover has a six pack and huge muscles suggesting that maybe if you get this magazine you could turn out like this. The subtitles on the front of this magazine also suggest this, for example one of the subtitles talks about building a beach body.

This magazine is aimed for a women audience as it has light feminine colours such as turquoise and vibrant pinks. The cover lines on the magazine cover also have directive speech for example 'feel good you' this suggest further the magazine is drawing in its audience. Furthermore the celebrity on the front cover in this case Kylie minough is very glamorous and presented as perfect suggesting to its audience that they can look like her.

Balance in design and layout

Balance in design and layout

This magazine shows good symmetrical balance in the design it shows this because the celebrity cheryl cole is in the centre of the magazine cover and the text is symmetrical.

This magazine shows good colour balance in colour because the white on the celebrity and the black background balance each other. Also the pink hair is on each side of the cover balances each other.

This magazine shows good texture balance as it has the details of the cross hatching merging into the character on the front. The background also shows the texture more clearly and makes it look a lot more detailed.

This magazine shows good balance in eye direction. The star on the front cover is still in the middle of the cover however it is very unusual that he isnt looking directly at the camera. Furthermore it looks as if he is looking at the title of the magazine.

This magazine shows good asymmetrical balance is shape because the celebrity on the cover e.g. Oprah Has her hair also spread out. This balances the plain backround of the magazine.


This is a good start and you have the basics here. However, this does not have a huge amount of detail and you will need to explain your answer more. It also needs to be finished...