Thursday, 6 March 2014

Questions to apply to my cover

Questions to apply 
1. On my magazine cover i have used a celebrity on the cover in this case Taylor Swift. I have done this to possibly show my audience that if they use the tips from my magazine they could look like her. Furthermore i have used direct mode of address to show my audience that they could look like a model/celebrity.
2. My magazine has a symmetrical balance making it sophisticated and making the audience feel possibly more grown up and adult like. The colour of my cover is mainly pink and white aiming it at a female audience. Furthermore the language I use in my magazine cover is quite genuine towards the audience possibly giving them a feel that they know the author in some kind of way tempting them to purchase the magazine. Furthermore the text I use is quite element and almost posh however also bold so the cover lines and title is clear to the audience so they can see it and decide if they want to purchase it.
3. My magazine may be seen as quite a feminine magazine due to the colours and use of speech e.g. "New summer looks for you". Furthermore the colour being used are pink purple and white. The celebrity on the front taylor swift isn't pouting or sexually posing to the camera suggesting the magazine is just focusing on women's clothes and looks rather than a sexuall magazine such as nuts.