Tuesday, 24 September 2013

School of war is about a school of boys being trained for the army. The head teacher is very strict and demands respect throughout the school and from all students. The students have to be in school for 7 hours a day 5 days a week. The school is in london and isn't in a very posh area.

Firstly i logged into photoshop and i loaded in a camouflage background i then put a sniper scope over it and got rid of the background using the magic wand tool. I then went on a website called DA font and chose a destroyed looking text. i then added a graffiti border around it. I then got a silhouette of a city scape to make it look like an important area possibly. I also didn't choose very bright colour's as it isn't a very happy or joyful film.

I think for my first time on photoshop i thought my design was quite good. But i think i could have put in a lot more detail and possibly colour in my design. I also liked the design i put on the destroyed text as it represented a school design or teenagers.

In the future when i improve my photoshop skills i hope to add a lot more complicated images and probably a more complex background instead of an image. I think for my image i could have used a lot more complex tools. but overall i rate my image a 8/10.


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  1. LOGO: B3 - I like your logo, and how it connotes meaning. The logo offers a good level of design, and it shows your creativity. To really develop your grade, try to input some different PS techniques.
    T: Develop PS techniques using tutorials, upload to blog to show progress.

    EVAL: C2 - Your evaluation offers a sound reflection on the process and how you attempted to generate meaning. Although you need more specific answers (referencing PS tools and connotations).
    T: Work on developing detailed specific examples to explain the connotations of your work.