Thursday, 12 December 2013

Introduction to lifestyle magazines 
The contents in the magazine are talking about typical gossip, Health, sex, Fashion and life. For example one of the stories on the cover is about what you will be wearing next summer. The content on the magazine deals with peoples health for example It speaks about immaculate complexion. It also talks about life for example it talks about a women and her daughter growing up together. It talks about fashion also for example there is a story about what you will be wearing next summer. This could tell us that the magazine is directed at middle aged women as they are interested in fashion and there is a picture of a women above the story possibly presenting the clothes.

     This magazine is for middle aged women and possibly women who are interested in celebrities lives and general gossip. Also the magazine could be aimed at people looking for advice on how they want to look for example in the magazine it talks about how to have the perfect complexion. The magazine also May interest some elderly people however they may only look a specific sections such as the celebrity gossip or maybe even health.

     The people who buy this magazine may benefit from entertaining themselves for example they could find a interest in reading about celebrity gossip and their lives. Furthermore some people may be looking for advice in how to loose weight or what fashion to wear. However some people may just want to look at life advice for example one of the stories in the magazine is talking about 10 ways to get happy

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