Thursday, 10 October 2013

power point evaluation:

www: My powerpoint went fairly well as we had a fairly large amount of information on each question.I also had a variation in each answer and a good layout for each slide.My powerpoint also was quite strongly presented to the class. I felt that the presentation had a lot of information and descriptive answers also it had a good use of language and detailed answers. 

EBI: My powerpoint didn't have any editing skills involved and could have looked a lot better. I could have also presented the powerpoint better by speaking louder when presenting it.The evaluation should also have been more accurate and executed a lot better. I think that my presentation wasn't presented to the class very well and i could have spent more time planning on how i would present. I also think that my presentation should include denotations and connotations.

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  1. Your feedback is solid, but there isn't much of it. Please focus on full detail in your answers, no matter how small the question.